Mission and Beliefs

Boise High School Directional Statement

Boise High Mission:

We are a BRAVE community dedicated to intentional learning, authentic engagement, and inclusivity. 

Boise High Vision - We are a community of learners preparing for our future. We value learning with integrity, curiosity, and creativity. We believe in being present, mindful, and active in our school and community. Embracing our diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we learn together. 

What it means to be the: 






Balance - We are committed to being our best selves--body, heart, and mind-in our school and community. 


We embrace challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. 

Acceptance - We contribute to positive school culture by embracing diverse ideas and advocating for ourselves and others. 

Valor - We prepare for our unique futures with imagination, resolve and optimism, and show exceptional courage in pursuit of the visions for our future. 

Engagement: - We are present, mindful, and active in all pursuits.

The Tradition Continues

Boise High School 
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Committed to Excellence Since 1881