Parent Meeting Information

Boise High School Guiding Principles

August 14th @ 6:00 p.m. in Auditorium

Welcome- Brian Barber, Athletic Director

Administration Introductions -  Robb Thompson, Principal

Coach Introductions - Nikki Clark-Vega - Head Athletic Trainer, Shelly Heath - Assistant Athletic Director, Jerry O'Mahony - Football, Kyle McMorrow - Volleyball, Aaron Olswanger - Cross Country, Chris Siegenthaler - Girls Soccer, Mike Darrow - Boys Soccer, Jeff Erwin - Swimming, Amber McKendrick - Dance Team, Heather LaFollette - Cheer, Megan Fay-Olswanger - Band

Athletic Paperwork Forms: Sportsware Online Link

Team Pictures: Dorian Studio took pictures on Aug. 13th – Programs will go to press on, August 17th 

Rules that must be followed:
1.    Attendance in school: Must be in class 5 periods to participate
2.   Eligibility Requirements/Academics: must pass 5 classes the previous semester and have a 2.0 GPA (if not, student will be placed on Academic Probation and weekly grade checks will be done before they are eligible to play)
3.   Activity Card – all students must have an activity card in order to play, 9th graders will purchase one through their Junior High School (private schools must purchase from us)
4.   Transfer students – Need to see Tracy Leinen to get correct paperwork filled out before eligible to play (needs to be approved through the IHSAA office) this includes foreign exchange students

9th grade Participation: need letter emailed to to compete in any sport and also to advise us that you will provide transportation from the junior high school to the high school in order for your son/daughter to participate (exception Hillside Football-Practice bus will be provided to practices only).


Transportation: Any event starting at 4:30 or after, we are not required to send a bus within the Boise and Meridian School Districts. Riding home with other parents will require a note 2 days in advance to Tracy Leinen (Athletic Director) or call 854-4329

2017 NCAA Recruiting Requirements – Check the website for information on this, we will be offering a night for more information on rules this fall...stay tuned!

Two Sport Athletes – Work with the coaches on this and communication is very important

Any problems: TALK to COACH FIRST, then A.D., then assistant V.P., then Principal

Punch cards are available for games - $50.00 purchase at games or ASB office from 7:30 a.m. till 3:30 p.m. Ticket prices at events are: $6.00 adults, $4.00 for students with activity cards, $3.00 for senior citizens and elementary students. Please note you will no longer get an extra punch with your card (10 punches only).

Links to Concussion Information, Sportsmanship, A Letter to the Parents are on the school web page, please use this site as much as possible.

Sports Medicine - Nikki Clark-Vega

     ---Concussion information