Boise High School Yearbook: Senior Photo Specs

Yearbook Photo Information
To: Seniors and their parents (Class of 2017)
 Re: Information regarding photos for use in the yearbook

*Dorian Senior Portrait Day at School: Wednesday October 19th Dorian will take a free senior portrait of every senior for inclusion in the yearbook. PLEASE make sure you at school for this very important event!

Retakes will be on Friday November 18th. If your student does not attend either of these dates for Dorian free senior portraits and does not provide us with a portrait from an outside professional photographer, you must contact the yearbook adviser to have your student’s photo taken by a yearbook staff member.

Deadline for Outside Photographer Submissions: Thursday November 30th Photo placement in the yearbook cannot be guaranteed if photo is received after this date! Seniors’ school provided free senior portraits will be used if another photo is not submitted on time.

You may go to any photographer you choose...
However, the photograph submitted for use in the yearbook must meet the following specifications to the satisfaction of each school’s yearbook adviser. Take the specifications with you to your photo shoot to make sure your photographer is aware of the requirements. Make certain your photographer agrees to follow these specifications BEFORE you have your picture taken. It is recommended to obtain estimates of costs from several photographers before making an appointment.

Photos should be four-color digital images, submitted electronically.
Photos should be high resolution (300 dpi), saved in JPEG format.
Photos should be cropped and resized to vertical, wallet-size photo (approximately 2” X 3” tall). The background should be studio blue, and should contrast with student’s clothing color (medium–toned, neutral-color backgrounds preferred).
The student’s head and face should stand out from background, and have sufficient contrast.
The student’s pose should be a basic head-and-shoulder shot, preferably full front or slightly to the side.   Avoid extreme angles and hands in photo.
Boys should be photographed in a white tux shirt with black bow tie and tuxedo jacket.
Girls in a black drape.
No props or hats are allowed and no items (i.e. tree trunk, fence, etc.) should appear with the student.
Note: Photos may be cropped by the school for uniformity of size. Hands and arms will be cropped as necessary since head-and-shoulder shots are requested.

Boise High School:
Electronic Senior Photo Submission Instructions
Crop and resize original to vertical wallet-sized 2” X 3” photo
Save as high resolution at 300 dpi in JPG or TFF format
Name file with student’s name (last_first.jpg, example: jones_john.jpg)
Enter the subject field of the message with student's first name, last name.
Select the digital file on your computer and submit to:
Repeat this process for any additional students whom you need to submit.

Please contact adviser Emily Studniarz at for further information.