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Please remember that unresolved tardies, truancies, and unexcused absences will result in loss of credit at the end of the semester.

Attendance Policy 

According to district policy students are not allowed to miss more than 9 days per semester.  A student who has 10 or more absences will lose credit in the affected classAbsences FOR ANY REASON except Activity Absence (AA) and Extraordinary Absence (EX) count against the 90% attendance policy. 
Parent(s)/guardian(s) and/or students will have the right to appeal the loss of credit per Boise School Board Policy.  
District Board Policy, Section 3000, # 1 Admission & Attendance.


  • Appeal the loss of credit to the assigned assistant principal.
  • If the appeal is granted, detentions may be assigned for any absence over the 90% rule. 
  • Remain in the class with approval of the teacher and receive an N/C for a grade. This grade is not computed in the GPA (grade point average) if the work is completed. If work is not passing or if the student does not remain in class, a grade of “F” will be recorded and will be computed in the GPA.
  • Students will be given an unscheduled period for the remainder of the semester. Students must be off-campus during the unscheduled time.


Parents are required to call the school’s Attendance Office, (208) 854-4274 early in the day when a student will be absent from class and repeat this call each day the student will not be in attendance. Written notes will not be accepted. District policy requires that an absence must be cleared within 48 hours or a truancy may be issued. The school invites frequent contacts from the home regarding the attendance practices of students, and such calls may be directed to the administrative assistant for attendance (854-4274). If parents have advance knowledge that a student will be absent from classes for a period of five or more days due to family obligations or illness, they are requested to make contact with the Attendance Office. This procedure will allow teachers to be notified prior to the absence and provide them ample time to prepare assignments for the student.


These must be obtained from the attendance office one hour prior to student leaving school.  If the student leaves without a PTL the student is considered truant immediately, and the parent cannot excuse it after the fact. PTL’s must be called in at least 1 hour before student needs to leave to allow for delivery.


A telephone answering machine is available for your convenience in making calls to the Boise High School Attendance Office. After normal hours, on weekends and during vacations, you may call the Attendance Office at 854-4274 and leave a message with your child’s name, grade, date of absence, reason for the absence, and a number at which you can be reached to verify information, if necessary. The telephone answering machine will be available  24 hours a day. It is a district requirement that an absence be cleared by a call from a parent or guardian within 48 hours of that absence.


    • Excused Absence (EA) is an absence from school with the knowledge and approval of the student’s parent(s) /guardians(s). Oral communication from the parent(s)/guardian(s) is required within 48 hours of the absence. All class work, homework, and exams can be made up within the parameters of Boise School District Policy. Final examinations are not be given early. (Exemptions must be approved by the principal or his/her designee)  Activity, prearranged, and prearranged contract absences are also considered excused absences.  These are described below. This absence counts against the 90% attendance policy.
    • Activity Absence (AA) is an absence for school sponsored programs in which classes will be missed.  No more than five (5) activity absences per class each semester will be allowed.  Exceptions may be granted by the principal.  In order to participate in extra-curricular activities, a student must be in attendance for at least four (4) class periods the day of the event.
    • Extraordinary Absence (EX) is granted for an absence that is for compelling circumstances (observed religious holiday, death in students family, extraordinary educational opportunities pre-approved by an administrator, etc.).  
    • Prearranged Absence (PA) is an absence process for making prior arrangements for assignments, homework, exams, etc., when the student knows that he/she will be absent from one or more classes for five (5) or more consecutive school days.  This includes activity absences.  Students are encouraged to complete assignments prior to the extended absence.  Work not completed prior to the absence must be made up within the guidelines for make-up work.  Applications for prearranged absences, including those for college visitations, are available in the Attendance Office. This absence counts against the 90% attendance policy.
    • Truancy (TR) is an absence without the consent of the student’s parent(s)/ guardian(s) or school officials.  This includes an absence from school or class after arrival at school and departure from school during the school day without permission of school officials.  Any absence, for one or more class periods, without an oral excuse from the parent(s)/guardian(s) within 48 hours may be considered truancy.  This absence counts against the 90% attendance policy.
    • Medical (MD) is an absence for a visit with a licensed medical provider. An appropriately licensed medical professional must verify ALL student illness absences, regardless of the absence  length. This absence counts against the 90% attendance policy.
    • Court (CT) - is an absence for a mandated court visit.  Documentation must be provided. This absence counts against the 90% attendance policy.


    If a student misses class without a parental excuse, and/or leaves school without appropriate permission, he/she will be considered truant.  According to Boise District policy, a truancy may be considered a Major Disciplinary Violation.

    Students that are truant will be assigned detention.

    • Truancy's – may include school discipline up to and including removal from the affected class.
    • A student who is twenty or more minutes late to class will be considered absent.  Students who intentionally miss class to avoid being tardy will be considered truant. Students who intentionally loiter in the hallways or on campus may be issued a truancy.

When a student transfers from one school to another within the Boise School District, the student’s attendance and disciplinary records will transfer to the new school. Absences and truancies accumulated in one school will be recorded and counted at the new school.



As a general guideline, make-up work and assignments for students with an excused absence will be provided only after the student has been absent for three (3) consecutive days. This guideline is necessary due to the difficulty of obtaining assignments, books, etc. from six or seven teachers for all students who may incur single day absences.District Board Policy, Section 3000, #1 Admission & Attendance.


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